Have you been seriously injured by an electrical accident?

Or has a close family member been killed by an electrocution accident? You may be entitled to receive compensation.

The experienced board certified personal injury attorneys at Patton, Nix & Young have handled numerous electrocution compensation cases over the years. They understand:

  • What events cause these injury cases
  • How to successfully file a personal injury claim
  • How to win a favorable jury verdict

And they are passionate about helping victims of electrocution injuries get restitution and move forward with help and hope.

If you’ve suffered an electrical injury, please contact our electrocution lawyers in Texas today. We will meet with you to discuss your case at no cost to you.

Causes Of Electrical Shock

The following represents some of the areas our electrical accident lawyers have successfully represented clients in compensation claims:

Contact With Power Lines

Contact with overhead power lines causes more deaths than any other electrical injury, according to ESFi. This can happen in various ways, from workers who operate on or near power lines to residential accidents involving a low hanging power line.

Very few people who suffer an electric shock by a power line survive. The surviving family members may qualify to file a wrongful death case. If someone you love has been killed by an electric shock, please contact our electric shock lawyers in Longview, TX.

Work Accidents

Workplace electrocution events could occur at the office or on a construction site. Examples include coming into contact with a wall outlet or changing a light bulb that is not properly grounded. Ungrounded electrical components could cause electrical shock or cause an electrical fire.

On a construction site, electricians, construction workers, carpenters, and roofers all face the risk of electrical construction accidents.

If you’ve been injured by an electric shock at work, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Our attorneys can look at your worker's compensation benefits and determine if we can help you pursue restitution.

Use Of Defective Products

When consumer products are defective when they leave the manufacturer, they put homes and families in danger. Unfortunately, product liability cases are all too common. In fact, over 400 products are recalled each year, and many of them are recalled for electrical defects.

These products may result from faulty wiring or some other manufacturing defect. Whatever the cause, our law firm is here to help. We’ve helped many clients recover medical expenses and other accident related expenses.

Types Of Injuries Caused By Electrical Accidents

Electrical injuries and electrocutions can occur in the workplace and in your backyard. Our attorneys have successfully represented many clients with burns, amputations, and disfigurements from electrical burns. We also have experience supporting and representing the families of those who suffered injuries resulting in death.

Here are some of the injuries that can occur from electrical accidents:

  • Burns when electricity comes in contact with your skin
  • Nerve or muscle damage caused by electrical current inside your body
  • Cardiac arrest in rare cases which could cause death

How Much Compensation Will You Receive?

Each case is different. However, most of them are calculated the same way. Electric shock settlements are determined by both monetary and non-monetary “damages” (costs).

Hard costs that will be calculated include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages if the electrical injury has prevented you from working and earning a wage
  • Property damage
  • Funeral expenses in the case of a wrongful death claim
  • And more

Non-monetary damages that are calculated include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • And more

Why Hire Us

Attorneys Patton, Nix, and Young have more than 30 years of experience as personal injury lawyers. While it isn’t difficult to find a personal injury lawyer near you, finding ones who are board certified is rare.

Out of 100,000 attorneys in Texas, only 1,340 are board certified personal injury lawyers. Our attorneys are a part of this elite group of attorneys. That means, our law firm is well respected in the legal field and we have much trial experience.

Additionally, when you become one of our clients, you will meet with one of our attorneys face-to-face, rather than a legal assistant. We believe the best way to prepare for a case is to get to know our clients and learn what they want from their case.

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